The 2016 Oscars, an All White Affair

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Actress, Jada Pinkett-Smith posted a video of her thoughts on the recently released Oscar nominations. Seeing that the nominations is an all-white affair 2 years in a row, the #OscarsSoWhite perfectly suits Twitter’s viral phrase. Considering the fact that the Oscar’s voter panel is 93 percent white and 76 percent male, it’s safe to say that diversity isn’t important to this organization and has never been promised, therefore it cannot be expected. However, Jada’s protest was heard loud and clear by the Academy’s president, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, who responded saying there will be a “review of our membership recruitment in order to bring about much-needed diversity in our 2016 class and beyond.”

Some say The Smith’s boycott wreaks  of rich celebrity problems undermining  more serious issues in the world. The Fresh Prince actress, Janet Hubert who played the original Aunt Viv had a few choice words of her own to deliver to The Smith’s in an unapologetically direct video asserting, “Some of us have mortgages and bills to pay. We’ve got bigger s–t to worry about.” She wasn’t the only one with an opinion, Clueless actress Stacy Dash chimed in by offering an extraordinary suggestion to do away with any and all forms of racial exclusivity including Black History Month. I wonder what the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have to say about that last bit, seeing as he was assassinated for racial equality and without his sacrifice, Stacy Dash wouldn’t have a voice to be heard, no matter how ridiculous, on a platform such as Fox news. Freedom of speech is not censored for the wise.

Filmmaker, Spike Lee will not be attending the 2016 Oscars and had this to say about the lack of diversity in Hollywood, “Not sure if you know this, but the U.S. Census Bureau says by the year 2043, white Americans are going to be the minority in this country. People in positions of hiring, you better get smart. Your workforce should reflect what this country looks like.”


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