Cute Nicknames and Other Side Effects of Love Bug Bites

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Sugar plum, honey, boo boo, my dear, my love, hot stuff, sweety, baby. Why do we say them even when they don’t make sense? You’ve been bit by the love bug and sometimes it results in cute nicknames. Sometimes words don’t convey what your heart wants to say and you can only manage sounds such as “boo boo” or “boom boom” to express yourself. Kind of like baby talk but we all love it.  A personalized pet name is the best kind. This may take some time for you to think of but creating something unique to their personality is endearing and worth the side effects of a special warmth that no doubt makes you feel loved. It’s important to know that the moniker is appreciated; you don’t want them to cringe every time you say it. You want to be flattering not deflating. Think about it, how do you feel when he/she calls you “baby”? Big smile. Maybe the doting is nauseating for the uncoupled but for you, it draws unavoidable affection for the one you love. Just keep the PDA to a minimum, out of courtesy. A cute kiss is common but the slobbering make-out fest in the grocery line is excessive and can be awkward for the person behind you trying to purchase a bag of Cheetos.

Some basic pet names are babe, honey, sweety. For the affectionate couple, you can go with snuggles, cuddle bear, or love dove. If your guy/girl is super sexy then say it, gorgeous, handsome, hot stuff are all great names. Maybe they have an outstanding physical attribute like pretty green eyes or kissable lips, just be careful not to say things that can be offensive like Honkers or Big Booty Babe, no matter how attractive it is to you. Girls understand that guys appreciate their lovely lady lumps but not all want them to be magnified. Keep it cute and sweet.


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