Love Conquers Insecurity

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So you meet a nice guy. On your first date you present the best version of yourself. You want to impress him because you find him attractive and you want to hit it off.  The underlying issue is that you have an insecurity. Whatever that insecurity is, you’re deathly afraid of it being revealed. If the relationship progresses, then it is inevitable; you must reveal it to him, unless of course, you keep it a secret, which you don’t want to do because that would involve deception. So, there’s only two ways to deal with it: 1) you overcome the insecurity on your own through some sort of personal triumph or, if you can’t seem to  get rid of it, 2) Reveal it to him, if he hasn’t discovered it already. I was faced with this very dilemma and I opted for number 2. I couldn’t be deceptive and pretend like my insecurity didn’t bother me. And as much as I tried to get rid of it, it clung to me. So I acknowledge my insecurity. If I hadn’t told him then my relationship would fail to progress. I wanted my relationship to progress. So, I told him. And you know, what? He was very understanding and through our conversation, I came to realize that this “big insecurity” wasn’t so big after all. My worries subsided along with my insecurity. My relationship was able to move forward uninhibited by insecurity or deception or all those other things that come along when fear of vulnerability stunts what could be the greatest love that has ever come your way.


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