M.A.C. Lipstick on Black Model Causes Uproar

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During New York’s Fashion Week, an Instagram photo was posted by M.A.C cosmetics showcasing an close-up of “Royal Romance”, a blueberry-indigo lipstick on a model. Nothing unusual, except imagine that lipstick on a black female model with full lips and suddenly a flurry of racial comments emerge. It wasn’t just in English, oh no, people from around the world spewed a garbage-load of disdain and hatred in their native language and taught us that racism is very much alive and cross-continental.

“esos si son labias de negra mire 😂”

“wtf are these lips?”

“holy shit i thought that was jay-z!”

“nigga lips?😂”

So, let’s not pretend that we live in a post-racial society. Let’s not say that “trolls only exist online”, when these are your neighbors and people you know who are writing hateful things. Let’s not falsely accuse the Black Lives Matter movement as a race-baiting agenda ignited to spur on racial segregation, when there is a true need to purge individual minds of biases that continue to wedge a divide between human progress and social unity.

There’s a double-standard, of course let’s not forget that while many of these desired features (i.e. Kylie Jenner lips or Kim Kardashian ASS-ets) are celebrated on white women, they are simultaneously ridiculed on black women. As much as we like to think we are living in a progressive society, where everyone is seemingly being accepted for who they are, it’s moments like this that put a halt in our social evolution.

Kudos to MAC for removing the offensive remarks (most of them) while keeping the photo on their page. I suppose only time will tell if we, as a human race, will ever get past this petty skin color issue and recognize the beauty in everyone.


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