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With over 20 best sellers under her pen, 8 of which have ranked #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list, Jodi Picoult is a force to be reckoned with. Her writing is widely recognized as heart-felt, relevant, and powerful. I may have been late to jump on the Picoult train but it’s better late than never.
My first taste of her writing came in a delectable book entitled My Sister’s Keeper —uncoincidentally recommended by my own sister who asked, “Would you donate a kidney to me?”. Without hesitation I said, “Of course.” It is my belief that when you truly love someone, you’d sacrifice anything for them, including an organ. In My Sister’s Keeper, the sacrificial lamb came in the form of another sibling, a sister named Anna.
My Sister’s Keeper tells the story of a family dealing with their daughter, Kate,who is dying of cancer. In order for Kate to live, her parents Brian and Sara decide to conceive a child, genetically engineered as the perfect bone marrow donor. At the age of 13, Anna decides she no longer wants to be poked and prodded as a donor and subsequently hires a lawyer to defend her case for medical emancipation. All this while Kate lies unconscious in her hospital bed during her inevitable last days. But wait, the plot thickens when Sara, the mother and former attorney, appoints herself as the defending counsel and the way things play out –no one could have predicted the final twist.
The story deserves five stars! The writing style was superb and prompted pensive and conflicting emotions. I was unsure whether to hate Sara for favoring Kate over Anna or to sympathize with her for feeling like a helpless spectator in the wake of a dying child. The author tugged at my heart strings as I unwillingly adopted the family as my own. The story was packed with love, hurt, and all the emotions we intrinsically experience as human beings –this is what I appreciated most about My Sister’s Keeper. It communicated that love is less about bubbly feelings and romantic glances and more about self-sacrifice and its reign as the world’s most powerful drug.This story offers more than that. It says that love is ultimately self-sacrifice.

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