Once You Go MAC, You Never Go Back

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America’s No. 1 Red Lipstick

When you think of lipstick, the first color that comes to mind is red. Even the kissy lips emoji  is red. That’s because it’s the go-to color for all women, celebrities included. Taylor Swift’s iconic red lips are a result of this cult favorite which also earned Teen Vogue’s Reader’s Choice Beauty Award in 2014. Here’s what she had to say, “I recently discovered Ruby Woo by M.A.C., which I think everyone knows — it’s a staple. I was the last person to discover it.”

The claim that a product is universally flattering is a hard sell but Ruby Woo undeniably delivers. This one shade, fits all. The retro matte lipstick is chemically formulated to compliment all women across all ethnicities. Its fun, vibrant, classic, highly-pigmented staying power is down right bad-ass. It can pretty much withstand anything, toothbrushing, lip-locking or crumb donuts with little to no smearing. I personally like the lip love stamp left on the brim of my coffee cup like a beauty mark, but this lipstick simply won’t budge. Most importantly, it won’t make you look like a clown – every girl’s worst fear.


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