Pepe Le Moko, Portland’s Trendy Bar

By February 9, 2018 February 13th, 2018 Read All, Travel

Cocktails in Portland after an afternoon at the theatre with the one I love most. We found ourselves at the bar of a small basement cocktail dugout. Dimly lit staircase descending into near blackness so much so that the host warns us in advance. The cocktails were served up by two leisurely almost identical 20-something’s who confessed to being roommates as well as coworkers bartending with pride. Strong and sweet. We sipped and delighted ourselves in conversation and our eyes adjusted to the darkness to see small framed vintage portraits of tasteful yet scantily-clad women. The atmosphere was romance and intimate talk. Like the wafting scent of perfume, this bar was delightful and easily faded into familiar comfort.


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