Six Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

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Want to get to the coveted All-Star status on LinkedIn? Here’s how, everything you need is at your fingertips! As we all know, there are many ways to showcase yourself online across any platform. Just create a profile and connect to whatever or whoever you want. It’s only a profile page away! You want to show your family you’re thinking of them? Then Join the Facebook family. You want to show that you’re the master of filtered photography? Join Instagram! Need a little DIY inspiration? Pin it on Pinterest. Entering the working world? Join LinkedIn! There’s a venue for everything I’ll show you six ways college students can optimize their LinkedIn profiles to Improve Job Prospects.


Step 1. You’ve got this!

The first place to start is in your mind. You’ve got to believe that you can do it. Fear of rejection can be paralyzing and it is the main ingredient in living an unsatisfying life. It can be discouraging if all you can think about is your lack of experience as a college student. You know that employers are looking for certain qualifications but if you tell yourself, “I can’t compete with other job-seekers who have years of job experience over me and I haven’t accomplished anything worth mentioning.” Then you’ll never get started. Instead, get motivated by thinking of all of your great qualities! You’re friendly, agreeable, team player, quick learner, and don’t forget you’re getting a freaking college degree! Think about how your degree can help you in the field you’re applying for.


Step 2. Selfies are ok!

You’ve got the selfie game down to a science. Only you’ll have to tweak it a bit. Replace the pouty duck-lips with an actual smile. A normal smile; you remember what that is right? Show some teeth. Studies show that a smiling face is more friendly and agreeable. You don’t have to have a professional photo shoot for this. In fact, most smart phones are capable of delivering a perfectly suitable profile picture. Remember that the photo should be shot straight on from the chest up. A full-length body shot isn’t necessary. Also having a pet, a friend, or any prop included looks unprofessional. Remember, this is just about you, keep it that way.


Step 3. Talk about yourself.

Maximize your profile summary. Use all 2,000 characters available to you and make it interesting because, guess what, you are! You’re a one-of-a kind-unique-individual! Talk about it. This is your introduction to potential employers, they’ve got to see more than uncreative generic black words on a white background.


4.Spruce it up!

LinkedIn has upped its game by adding never-before-seen features. Before, you didn’t have these options but now you can add presentation videos or links to website projects. You can upload certificates, awards or any type of acknowledgement received. This is a great way to impress potential employees before you have actual degree. It also validates who you are and gives you something to show for it. Endorsements are also another way to validate your skills. Colleagues, friends, family can endorse your skills by going to your profile and clicking the “+” next to a skill that you’ve listed. They can be a job reference and there’s also a space where they can write a nice recommendation for you.


5.Previous Job History

Now this can be tricky if you’ve never had a job but even if you didn’t you can still list your volunteer experience!


6.Shamelessly self promote

Follow me, tweet me, handle me, subscribe…sounds vein but it’s also an invitation to connect. Reach out! Shamelessly self promote! Walking advertisement for all job offers.
These tips will help you to optimize your LinkedIn profile and you’ll reach All-Star status in no time.


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