Women Are Paid Less For A Reason

The debate over the gender-pay gap, better referred to as, “wage discrimination”, is mind-numbingly still a debate. Why? Why is it so hard for people to accept that it’s still a thing. Hypothetically, there’s a man reading an article about wage discrimination based on gender and he will find every reason under the sun to justify it. “Women don’t negotiate their salary during the hiring process. That’s all it takes.” Ehh! Wrong! Plenty of woman do negotiate and still don’t get what they deserve. “They aren’t qualified.” Ehhh, wrong again! There are plenty of women with degrees and a long history of work experience. Try again. “Women get pregnant and therefore don’t contribute to the same labor-force participation rate over their life cycle.” meaning that women are out of a paid job while they are giving birth or spending the first few months literally sustaining their child’s life. A humanitarian triumph, in my opinion. Literally populating the world and sustaining human life as we know it, yet we put so little value on the unpaid (sometimes) massive amount of “work” it takes to house and sustain a living being inside one’s own body yet alone face the most laborious condition a woman will ever experience, that is to deliver an eight pound baby through a narrow exit. A condition that will allow women the experience of getting as close as possible to death. It’s nearly a brush with death. A mental triathlon of an experience. Yes, I know there are some women out there who believe that giving birth can be a pain-free experience. Raise your hand if that was you! With hypnotherapy and other mental exercises, the baby will simply float out of you and into your arms. Which still plays to my point about it being a mental triathlon. You still have to put in the mental gymnastics to psych yourself the hell out! Also, what percentage of women actually experience pain-free labor? Furthermore, it still doesn’t negate the fact that women have to spend time caring for a newborn. “But men can do that too!” Someone reading this is thinking. Then why don’t they? Give men paternity leave while the women recover and go back to work. Women are the givers of life. Men wouldn’t exist without them. Yes I know you need sperm but without a woman, a baby would not be born. Someone’s thinking about science right now. Growing a baby in a lab. Ok. Well…you got me there. I suppose, the primary method of conception is going out of style.


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